Announcing the 2022-23 Central Coast Regional Equity Initiative Research Awards 

The Blum Center is pleased to announce our inaugural cohort of 2022-23 Central Coast Regional Equity Research Award recipients from UCSB Faculty. Please see below for an overview of their research projects supported by this funding. More information about these awards is also available on the Blum Center’s website here. The purpose of these awards is to encourage collaborative research that will contribute to the aims of the Central Coast Regional Equity Initiative 

  1. Tamma Carleton, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management 

Drought Impacts and Associated Health Disparities in Farmworker Communities across California’s Central Coast: This project examines how health disparities in farmworker communities are impacted by worsening drought conditions. Recent droughts have been accompanied by reports of degrading environmental quality and increased health and occupational hazards across California.

2. Diane Fujino, Asian-American Studies & Laury Oaks, Feminist Studies: 

Studying the Impact of Ethnic Studies in Santa Barbara Schools: This community-engaged research project, a partnership between the Santa Barbara Unified School District’s (SBUSD) Ethnic Studies Department and the UCSB Éxito program, is designed to study the curriculum, pedagogy, and impact of ethnic studies courses within the school district.

3. Sin Jook Lee, Gervitz Graduate School of Education

Community-Engaged Language Justice Education for Emergent Multilingual Learners: Building on the School Kids Investigating Language in Life and Society (SKILLS) program, this study investigates the impact of a language justice-based educational intervention on the academic identities and learning outcomes of Emergent Multilingual Learners (EML) as well as the pedagogical needs of teachers to deliver the curriculum.

4. Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj, Gervitz Graduate School of Education

Understanding Lompoc Families’ Experiences with Educational Involvement: By identifying pathways to expand and improve home-school connections, this project examines the barriers to family involvement in students’ education and learning about immigrant parents’ perspectives and desires vis a vis supporting their children’s school success.

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