Towards a Just and Equitable Central Coast

Welcome to the home of the Regional Equity Initiative: a collaboration between the UCSB Blum Center on Poverty, Inequality, and Democracy and The Fund for Santa Barbara.

The Central Coast Regional Equity Initiative aims to deepen our understanding of regional disparities, facilitate a region-wide multi-sectoral conversation, and advance social, health, environmental, and economic equity through a community and research-informed action framework.

The Regional Equity Study

In collaboration with the USC Equity Research Institute, we released the first Central Coast Regional Equity Study in December 2021. Covering Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, this study marks a critical first step toward initiating and framing a conversation on regional inequality issues along California’s Central Coast. Through linking qualitative data with research and analysis of equity indicators related to the social, economic, civic, and environmental well-being of our rapidly diversifying region, we hope this study serves as a useful tool for the Central Coast.