Central Coast Regional Equity Study

Towards a Just and Equitable
Central Coast

We are living in a time of unparalleled challenge on the Central Coast and throughout the world, as we grapple with the still unfolding consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, structurally embedded patterns and practices of systemic racism, and the immediately clear and present dangers of human-induced climate change. It is also a time to reassess and reorder our priorities in light of the long-standing inequities this confluence of challenges has brought so starkly into view.

The Central Coast Regional Equity Study, titled Towards a Just and Equitable Central Coast, uses rigorous, community engaged research both to bring socioeconomic inequities — and the price we pay for them — to light, and to establish concrete guideposts for regional equity. This study marks a critical first step toward initiating and framing a conversation on regional inequality, with research and analysis of equity indicators related to the social, economic, civic, and environmental well-being of our rapidly diversifying region, here represented by Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. While this report is not designed to be prescriptive, the structural inequities it documents speak to the urgent need for collective action that draws on the resources of local government, philanthropy, businesses, and academics as well as community activists and social movements.