The Regional Equity Initiative brings together a vibrant assortment of organizations that are committed to promoting equity, justice, and community welfare in the Central Coast, in California, and in the United States. The following are links to a some of these organizations. We also provide links to additional data pertinent to equity and social justice.

Central Coast Regional Equity Study Core Organizations

Central Coast Regional Equity Study Contributors

California Organizations

  • SCAG Racial Equity Resource Hub – Strategic Growth Council’s one-stop-shop of resources, best practices, and tools to help agencies, organizations, and individuals advance racial equity.

National Organizations

  • PolicyLink – Working to advance policies to enable everyone to participate in an equitable economy, live in a community of opportunity, and thrive in a just society.
  • Racial Equity Tools – Offering tools, research, tips, curricula, and ideas for people who want to increase their understanding and help those working for racial justice at every level.

Articles, Books, & Guides

Data Resources