Regional Equity Study Contributors

The Central Coast Regional Equity Study drew on research contributions from the UCSB Blum Center on Poverty, Inequality, and Democracy, the USC Equity Research Institute, and The Fund for Santa Barbara. Guided by Project Steering and Advisory Committees and by a series of consultations with diverse groups of Central Coast residents, it combines data from a wide range of national, state, and regional-level sources to report on key equity indicators that will inform our ongoing work.

Lead Authors

Dr. Alice O’Connor,
Director of USCB Blum Center
Professor of History

Dr. Manuel Pastor,
Director of USC Equity Research Institute
Professor of Sociology

Marcos Vargas ,
Executive Director of The Fund for Santa Barbara

Project Team

Peyton Bivona, The Fund for Santa Barbara

Rebecca Bogdanovic, The Fund for
Santa Barbara

Amanda Brush, The Fund for Santa Barbara

Isaac Hale, UCSB Blum Center

Jennifer Ito, USC Equity Research Institute

Sabrina Kim, USC Equity Research Institute

Kathleen Knight, The Fund for Santa Barbara

Joanna Lee, USC Equity Research Institute

Edward-Micheal Muña, USC Equity Research Institute

Stanley Tzankov, The Fund for Santa Barbara

Core Organizations